Taking Stock

April 21st, 2015

We launched Torpedo over a year ago and it’s been and interesting and exciting experience. Torpedo was an experiment for us – our first native Mac app, and a take on a new design aesthetic that would eventually make its way to our other products. Torpedo was also an exercise in feature restraint. We like simple, and simple is also the most practical with a tiny team like ours.

When we launched Torpedo, we didn’t expect it to get the interest that it did. We were a bit overwhelmed with the feedback. One thing we quickly learned is that even a small, simple product requires a lot of work that isn’t obvious from the outside: managing user feedback, user support, people abusing the service, scaling, bug fixes, etc. That's been a lot of extra work when our company’s development roadmap didn’t include many updates to Torpedo. We had assumed that its popularity would be low enough that we’d be okay letting it sit for a while and coming back later to do a big version 2 using what we’d learned during that time.

Well, it’s been a year now and here’s what we've learned. First, people abuse file sharing, and it’s really hard to combat that without creating a bad experience for all users. Second, supporting multiple products with a small team often means you’re just not able to put as much love and care into all of your products as you’d like. And finally, the most important thing we learned is that the file sharing market is saturated. Lots of other players are already doing file sharing really well. We do still think Torpedo is best at a few things, but ultimately people just aren’t willing to pay for those things.

That’s the bottom line for us: we just don’t have the time or resources to do what Torpedo needs in order to become a successful, profitable product. Instead, we’ll be focusing our efforts on Forward.

On July 1st we’ll be shutting Torpedo down. If you have an account with us, we’ll be emailing you in the coming weeks with more details about billing, your account, etc.

We’ve learned a lot from Torpedo. We’re thankful to everyone who’s used it this past year.

Here are a few alternatives to Torpedo if you need one:

Thanks again for your support!

–The Torpedo Team